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VAmpire Facial Treatment

What is a vampire facial?

A vampire facial is essentially a microneedling treatment coupled with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP therapy, commonly employed in aiding wound healing for injuries, extends its benefits to hair restoration and various cosmetic procedures. PRP encompasses a blend of growth factors that expedite healing and amplify the outcomes of microneedling.

Vampire Facial Treatment

The PRP procedure involves three steps: initially, a dermatologist extracts blood from the patient, which is then processed through a machine to isolate the platelets. Subsequently, the platelet-enriched blood is reintroduced to the patient either through injection into targeted areas such as deep folds or acne scars, or topically applied across the entire face or scalp, depending on the desired outcome. Typically, the procedure spans 45 minutes to an hour.

Get healed and clear skin, where the lack of elastin and collagen is fulfilled. The light which is emitted during IPL laser treatment fights the dark pigment present inside the freckles and age spots. This ends up giving you skin with an even tone. It’s a nonsurgical process that is better than expensive surgeries and products. 

Vampire Facial Process?

Microneedling with PRP is conducted within a professional office environment. The process starts with a painless blood draw, followed by the separation of plasma and platelets from red blood cells using a centrifuge.

To mitigate any discomfort during the microneedling phase, a topical numbing cream is applied to the face beforehand.

After ensuring the numbing cream has taken effect and completing the microneedling procedure, the PRP solution is gently applied to the skin. It is recommended to leave the PRP on the skin for the remainder of the day to optimize results. Following the treatment, patients may experience dryness, redness, and sensitivity akin to a mild sunburn for the initial days.

What are the benefits?

The vampire facial offers numerous advantages, such as enhancing skin cell turnover and refining skin tone and texture. Incorporating microneedling with PRP further diminishes fine lines and aging indicators. This procedure proves particularly beneficial for individuals with acne history, visible acne scars, or skin damage due to prolonged sun exposure.

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What to expect after your vampire facial?

Although relatively recent in dermatology, PRP has emerged as a highly promising treatment, delivering remarkable results for many patients. Integrating PRP into microneedling procedures frequently leads to expedited and more apparent improvements. Initial effects of a vampire facial become evident within weeks, with enhanced results becoming more pronounced around the six-month mark, often lasting up to 18 months.

Post-procedure, minor discomfort, bruising, and swelling may occur, yet downtime is typically brief. While the outcomes of a vampire facial aren’t enduring, maintenance sessions are advised annually to sustain results.

Am I a candidate?

Microneedling with PRP is suitable for the majority of individuals, offering a rejuvenating effect for those dealing with wrinkles, fine lines, significant sun damage, or uneven skin tones. However, individuals with a history of blood disorders such as clotting or bleeding issues may not be eligible for this procedure.

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