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IPL Laser Treatment FOR SKIN

IPL Laser Treatment

IPL Laser Treatment for Skin: You may have witnessed pigmentation on your skin and every day the harmful rays of the sun effects and harm the skin from deep inside our skin. IPL laser treatment for Skin which is also known as “Intense Pulsed Light Treatment” helps in fighting such skin issues from their roots. It is a light-emitting device that targets the affected skin areas and provides full-face rejuvenation. The IPL device enhances the natural process of healing in your skin. Well, there may be a case where you sought treatment but got confused because of the rumors and myths about IPL therapy. So, let me clarify to you that  IPL therapy does not cause skin issues like scarring, infection, etc. if performed under professional assistance. IPL lasers repair the damaged tissue of your skin and treat the damaged outer layer of the skin. 

 Get healed and clear skin, where the lack of elastin and collagen is fulfilled. The light which is emitted during IPL laser treatment fights the dark pigment present inside the freckles and age spots. This ends up giving you skin with an even tone. It’s a nonsurgical process that is better than expensive surgeries and products. 

What Does IPL Laser Treat?

Reduces Sun Damage: It reduces the damage caused due to exposure to harmful rays of the sun. When you go out directly in the scorching heat, your skin may catch infection or sunburn. The harmful sun rays can cause severe damage to your skin as well. So, You do not need to worry, as IPL therapy can reduce the damage caused by the sun from the deeper layers of your skin. 

Treats Acne: Acne is an issue that is problematic for acne-prone skin as it’s not that easy to treat and clear it. All you need is special care and treatment to get rid of such acne and scars as well. IPL therapy treats acne and acne scars. It helps you in getting the best acne-free skin. Acne can harm the texture of your skin as well, so you need to focus more on it and IPL will not cause any side effects. 

Removes Visible Capillaries and Veins: The red blood cells absorb intense pulsed light very efficiently. Photofacial or IPL is the best treatment that is used to treat visible blood vessel abnormalities. IPL photofacial can be helpful in dissolving the broken capillaries and also spider veins which provide an even and youthful complexion. This procedure also treats conditions like rosacea.

Prevents Ageing of the Skin: Photofacials can be helpful in preventing aging symptoms. It also boosts the collagen level in the skin which helps in the tightening and rejuvenation of the skin as well. It reduces the fine lines and also lessens the wrinkles on your face. Get the best IPL treatment at Dr. Kasana’s Clinic. 

How long does it take for the IPL laser treatment to heal?

Well, healing from the IPL treatment differs as per the patients. As in most cases of therapy, it takes less than a week and over 2 to 3 days. However, Dr. Kasana’s Clinic recommends the best product that efficiently helps the healing processes.

Message From Dr. Kasana’s Clinic

We at Dr. Kasana’s Clinic use the latest device for the IPL/photofacial treatment. We are present here at your services online as well. You can check the updates on our social media sites and websites as well. The infrastructure is very good for individuals and we treat all kinds of skin issues at a very affordable range. You can also get the best cosmetic products that are natural and organic, these products do not possess any kind of side effects. It’s a homegrown brand “thedoctorskart” founded by the experts themselves.

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