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Picosecond laser treatment - Benefits, Application & Cost

Picosecond laser treatment

A Picosecond laser is a high-quality laser device to treat all kinds of pigmentation. This revolutionary device was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2012 for the treatment of unwanted tattoos, and pigmented lesions in a more effective way. Its shortened pulse duration of 1012  seconds makes it different from other laser devices.  According to the study, laser treatment on skin of color may result in unwanted side effects like post-inflammatory scaring, which makes it undesirable for others but picosecond laser treatment is effective in solving all these kinds of issues without any side effects. The Picosecond laser is the latest, best and safest laser device to date. Picosecond laser technology is continuously evolving technology with the addition of newer wavelengths. Different wavelengths are used to treat different types of pigmentation, for example, A study says that the use of 1064nm wavelength is to treat black, purple, and blue ink while the use of 532nm wavelength is to treat red color pigment or ink. Dr. Kasana’s clinic is the first one to import the picosecond laser in India directly from United State and actively provide services to their patients. 

What is a picosecond laser?

A Picosecond laser is a laser device that emits radiation in picoseconds that is the reason that this laser comes under the category of ultrafast laser and due to its shortened pulse duration it is categorized as an ultrashort pulse laser. Lasers are the most attractive and versatile technology at aesthetic clinics and salons, picosecond laser is the latest and safest technology in the world of lasers. 

This technology of laser (picosecond laser) has been available in the market for a long time for other purposes but not for aesthetic indications, but recently in 2012 US FDA  approved the use of picosecond laser for aesthetic indications. The continuous improvement and development in optics make it more viable for clinical or aesthetic applications. It has the ability to deliver energy to the pigmented tissues in a short duration as compared to other.

Benefits of picosecond laser

The several advantages of picosecond laser are:- 

  • High energy density
  • Highly specific to the smaller particles
  • More efficient in delivering energy to tissues
  • Less thermal damage to surrounding tissues
  • Fast treatment as compared to other 
  • Safest laser device
  • Effective for skin of color
  • Satisfactory results in a few sessions
Picosecond laser treatment

Application of picosecond laser

There are multiple applications of picosecond laser in aesthetics, with continuous development and improvement picosecond laser is considered the best laser for treating the pigmented lesions, permanent tattoo ink, and removing the pigment of different colors which are not very successful with other lasers.

Permanent tattoo removal

Tattoo removal with laser is becoming more popular day by day, here, comes the picosecond laser. This technology of laser is comparatively faster than other lasers. Due to the rapid pulses, the pigment shattering is more efficient and the thermal damage on the skin is less. The exciting part about the tattoo removal by picosecond laser is that this laser reduces the number of treatments, which means if there is a 20% outcome seen after 1 session of the previous laser then 50% effective results can be seen after 1 session of picosecond laser. That also means that a picosecond laser is useful to remove tattoos in a short duration of time. 

Skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation, pigmentation removal, and scar removal, toning, improvement of skin texture, removal of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles are also the new modalities of picosecond laser. Picosecond laser is useful to target the melanin much more effectively hence, picosecond laser is the best choice for the treatment of melasma and other kinds of pigmentation that are difficult to treat with traditional laser. This selectively damages the pigmented cells without damaging other healthy tissues. It is also very effective in treating minocycline-caused pigmentation.

Removal of acne scars

Sometimes acne scar becomes very stubborn and requires professional treatment for their removal. Picosecond laser is proven to be significant in the removal of acne scars. The two-fold effect of picosecond laser is a unique effect of picosecond laser which is very effective in acne scar removal. The laser causes the destruction of the affected tissues and then stimulates the self-healing process of the body by stimulating the production of collagen and resurfacing of the skin. Within a few treatments, candidates can witness satisfactory results. 

This advanced laser technology is useful in treating all kinds of skin discoloration including birthmarks, melasma, sun damage, freckles, and other skin damage with minimized side effects and damage. Picosecond laser also reduces the chances of post-inflammatory scarring after the treatment. And the availability of different wavelengths makes it effective and flexible for all skin types.

Cost of picosecond laser treatment

Picosecond laser is available in the market for a long time but not in the skincare industry. But recently US FDA approved the commercialization of picosecond laser for the skincare industry and make this treatment affordable. Dr. Kasana’s clinic is the first aesthetic clinic in India to bring this technology in India directly from the U.S.A. 

The cost of the picosecond laser treatment depends on multiple factors like the affected area,  type of pigmentation, the experience of the clinician, provided facilities, etc. 

Dr. Kasana’s clinic provides this advanced treatment at very affordable prices in India. 

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