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Blackhead removal treatment with comedone extractor

Blackhead removal treatment

Blackhead removal treatment is a professional treatment that involves the removal of blackheads from a comedone extractor. Blackhead is a very common problem that occurs due to the accumulation of oil, dirt, and dead skin into the open pores. This is more common in adulthood but it doesn’t mean that people in old age or above than adulthood won’t develop blackheads. 

Blackheads are completely different from pimples, pimples are filled with a white fluid(pus) like structure while blackheads are filled with excess oil, dead skin, and dirt. Blackheads generally affect adults because adolescents suffer from hormonal changes which lead to the formation of blackheads. Physical health doesn’t get damaged by blackheads but yes blackheads are not very acceptable for people so they can affect people psychologically. Here comes the blackhead removal treatment.

blackhead removal treatment

Causes of blackheads

Blackheads are considered open comedones while whiteheads come in the category of  closed comedones. Sebaceous glands are located all over the body but blackheads are more prone on the face, back, thigh, and neck, and many of them are connected to hair follicles that result in the formation of blackheads. When the sebaceous gland or hair follicles are inflamed then the comedones or blackheads form. And there are the following reasons for this inflammation:-  

Excess production of sebum:- when sebum production from the sebaceous gland is high, the probability of blackhead formation is also high. 

Uncontrol production of keratin:- keratin is a protein that helps in the formation of nails, hair, and skin, it also maintains them. 

A high value of androgen:- hormonal balance is the major cause of blackheads in adolescents. 

Presence of bacteria on the skin.

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Blackhead removal treatment with comedone extractor

Blackheads are generally and safely removed by mechanical extraction which is called comedone extraction. In this method, only one tool (comedone extractor) is used to extract the comedones. A professional clinician applies pressure on the surrounding skin of the comedone to extract it properly. When it is done by a professional or expert then the skin damage will be minute. Mechanical extraction is the best way to treat comedones. 

This treatment is a single-sitting treatment you will notice optimal results within one sitting. A single session will take around 30-40 minutes if the candidate has open comedone but if you have closed comedone then it may take a longer time, 1 hour approximately. This treatment also decreases the chances of developing new acne or pimples and allows you to have clear skin.  

There is no precautionary measure before this treatment, it’s just that before coming to the clinic candidate must not have applied any cream, foundation, etc. And should avoid the use of harsh face washes or cosmetic products after the treatment.

The procedure of comedone extraction

  • The USP of Dr. Kasana’s clinic is that here we make it a painless treatment. At Dr. Kasana’s clinic, professionals use topical anesthesia on the affected area which makes this treatment a painless procedure. 
  • Before applying the topical anesthesia, the clinician cleans the face with a mild cleanser and cleans the comedone extractor with alcohol which keeps the tool sterilized. 
  • And after applying topical anesthesia, wait for 15-20 minutes is recommended
  • For open comedones, a comedone extractor is applied to the affected area, and pressure is applied to extract the comedone properly. 
  • For closed comedones, the coating is pricked with the help of a sterilized needle, and then a comedone extractor is placed on the affected area and optimum pressure will be applied to release its content. 

There are no side effects of comedone extraction treatment, but sometimes you may notice little redness which will disappear in a couple of hours on its own. And there is no need to access extra sun protection, just wear SPF30+ sunscreen as usual. There will be no scarring, holes, or open pores after treatment. 

Benefits of comedone extraction treatment

  • The best treatment for blackhead removal
  • Safe and effective treatment 
  • Reduce the chances of upcoming acne
  • Less damage to surrounding tissues
  • Can notice more than optimal results in just a single session
  • Cost-effective 
  • No need to take extra care of the skin. 
  • No probability of bacterial infection.
  • Painless procedure

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