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Teeth Cleaning & Polishing Treatment

Do you feel uncomfortable while smiling at a public gathering or get-together? Do you feel insecure about your smile and the gaps as well as yellow teeth? Then you must go for polishing of your teeth. The main goal of cleaning is to clean the surfaces of the tooth and make it smooth as well as clean so that the bacteria cannot get deposited around the teeth, by cleaning and polishing you have the best chance to keep your teeth clean even if you are following a busy or hectic schedule. To get rid of the bacteria or problems with your teeth, you do not need to change your regular hygiene practice. You will receive the best care possible for teeth polishing at “Dr Kasana’s Clinicin Greater Noida, Delhi/NCR.

What is Teeth Cleaning & Polishing?

Teeth Cleaning & Polishing is the basic hygiene one needs to maintain to keep the teeth clean and germ-free. in which one has to keep the teeth clean and germs-free. To scrape off the stubborn tartar dentists and experts use the latest kind of technologies. Dental polishing gives you a finishing touch to your teeth as a dental treatment by removing the surface stains from your teeth and giving you a bright and smooth touch. The procedure doesn’t take much time or hefty procedures, both cleaning and polishing of the teeth can be finished in one sitting only. 

What does Cleaning & Polishing of Teeth treatment?

It consists of the cleaning of dental plaque, extrinsic stains and tartar that are gathered around the outer surface of the teeth.

It makes your teeth clean which in return reduces the chances of gum disease and prevents them from affecting your dental health. You can witness the change in how your teeth look in the very first sitting of cleaning and polishing only. However, if your teeth are yellow then they cannot change colour, it only takes the guarantee of cleaning and making them shine as the colour of the teeth comes from the inside. So this is the treatment which will help you in several different ways, like cleaning the tartar, reducing breath bad odour, lessening the cavities and keeping your teeth healthy.

Benefits of Cleaning & Polishing of Teeth

  • It makes your smile more beautiful.
  • Diminishes the bad breath odour.
  • No Tartar, No Cavity! 
  • Stops the loss of teeth.
  • Improves overall dental health.

Why Choose Dr Kasana’s Clinic?

Dr Kasana’s clinic consists of the best of staff and especially renowned dental surgeon Dr Pooja Kasana, who treats dental issues using the latest technologies. Dentists that employ modern technology and methods may charge a little more than those who stick to tried-and-true methods, but it is well worth the extra cost, hence at Dr Kasana’s Clinic, you will find it pocket friendly as compared to the other clinics. 

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