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Best hair treatment cLINIC in Greater Noida (India)

Best hair treatment in Greater Noida

Hair treatment is a treatment in which your lost hair can revive back.  Harsh environmental factors and excess use of chemicals lead to hair thinning, hair fall, and baldness. Nowadays most of us suffer from partial baldness and are tired of using multiple products for hair growth. We at Dr. Lalit kasana’s clinic provide you with the best hair treatment for service in Greater Noida, India with visible results in a short period of time as we use the latest technologies for hair treatment:-

  1. Surgical treatment 
  2. Non-surgical treatment

How Many types of hair Treatment are There?

We at Dr.kasana’s clinic in Greater Noida provide both surgical and non-surgical hair treatment services. Surgical treatment is suitable and effective if you are facing massive hair loss or male pattern baldness. At the same time, if you have a good density of hair growth but suffer from hair thinning then non-surgical hair regrowth treatment will be effective for you. The kinds of hair regrowth treatment we provide at our clinic

Best Hair Treatment In Greater Noida

Surgical cosmetic hair treatment

Surgical cosmetic hair treatment has brought up a solution for those people who are suffering from massive baldness, male pattern baldness. Whoever is tired of using multiple products for hair regrowth and couldn’t see any difference. We at Dr. Lalit kasana’s clinic provide the best hair transplant services in Greater Noida, this treatment will transform hair growth permanently. 

The surgical hair treatment we provide:-

Hair transplant Surgery

In this treatment, the physician cuts small pieces of the scalp which contain healthy hair growth and fills up the area with no hair growth. We at Dr Lalit kasana clinic provide you safest and best hair transplant surgery.

Non surgical hair treatment

Non-surgical hair treatment is best suited for those who are facing hair thinning and hair loss due to excessive chemical usage or heat exposure. We at Dr Lalit kasana’s clinic provide three types of non-surgical hair treatment for hair thinning and hair loss. PRP therapy for hair regrowth is used to treat hair thinning and enhances the density of hair. Mesotherapy for hair is used to boost the number of vitamins and blood flow to hair cells which leads to improved hair growth.  Low-level light therapy stimulates the activity of hair cells which slows down the hair fall and helps to grow new hairs. Three kinds of non-surgical hair regrowth treatments provide:- 

  1. PRP therapy 
  2. Mesotherapy 
  3. Low-level light therapy(LLLT)

PRP therapy for hair growth

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is used very often by cosmetologists to treat hair thinning and hair fall, more such issues. It uses your own cells to grow new hair or to reverse hair loss. PRP therapy does wonders on the scalp with weak roots, partial baldness, lower density etc without causing any damage or side effects. 

Best Hair Treatment Clinic in Greater Noida

Mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy gained a boost in the cosmetic industry recently. It is a procedure in which your scalp gets a boost of vitamins and improved blood flow to your hair scalp, which gives you improved hair growth and strengthens your roots without any side effects. 

Low level light therapy

Laser hair regrowth therapy is an advanced and safe technique for hair treatment which stimulates the activity of hair cells and results in a reduction of hair fall and improves hair density without causing any side effects. In this treatment, a low-level wavelength laser is used. It is a non-invasive treatment which means laser light does not penetrate into hair follicles and thus does not show any harmful effects on your body. 

Why choose Dr. Lalit kasana’s clinic for hair treatment?

Dr. Lalit kasana’s clinic provides you with the best hair treatment. Dr. Lalit Kasana is an expert in cosmetics and aesthetics, not only treatment he also provides customized hair care products which work on your deeply and intensively. Dr. Lalit kasana’s clinic is the best clinic for hair treatment in greater noida. We help you to feel confident about yourself 

In 2022, Dr. Lalit Kasana become 1st the Indian cosmetologist to get awarded by a British university and he is a well-known cosmetologist and aesthetician all over the world.

Medicinal treatment suggested by Dr. lalit kasana:-

Those who are suffering from hair thinning and want heavy and healthy hair growth can go for the medicinal treatment suggested below:- 

  1. Dr. kasana hair regrowth supplement:-  this hair regrowth supplement tablet is enriched with vitamins such as biotin, green tea extract, green apple extract etc. it plays an important role in improving the blood circulation to the hair and scalp and meets the nutritious demand of your body’s for healthier hair growth. 
  2. DIP hair regrowth serum:- this is an exclusive product of our range which is paraben and silicone free. It is a mixture of nourishing hair oils, which stimulates hair growth. It also protects your hair from external damage.  
  3. DIP organic hair vitaliser:- it is a mixture of proteins, herbs and products which provides conditioning to your hair. It strengthens the weak roots of your skin. It fastens hair growth more than normal. 
  4. DIP anti-hair fall shampoo:- it is an organic and chemical-free shampoo. It contains essential oils and some plant-based proteins which gently cleanse your scalp without causing any damage to hair roots 

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