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Best cosmetologist Clinic in delhi

Best cosmetologist in delhi

Dr. Kasana’s clinic is the best skin, hair, and dental care clinic with advanced and new technologies in Delhi NCR. It serves laser, homey-aesthetic treatment for skin and hair care. Here you will find solutions for each and every problem related to skin, hair, and dental. Dr. Lalit Kasana is one of the leading cosmetologists in India. With his experience and excellence over several years, he is treating his patients.

Why Choose Dr. Lalit Kasana as a Cosmetologist?

When it comes to work, only words are not enough to show your skills. You must have heard about “ action speaks louder than words”. Dr. Lalit Kasana has achieved many goals in his life. He believes in treating the diseases related to skin and hair from roots. He is setting a high example in the field of cosmetology  for others.  He is the first cosmetologist to start a homeo-aesthetic clinic. Dr. Lalit Kasana is well experienced and he knows how to deal with birthmarks, moles, warts, acne scars, and many skin related problems. He also treats fungal infections. He is also known for his hair transplantation services at Dr. Kasana’s clinic. 

His works speak about him so much as there is no need for words. He is an idol for many uprooting cosmetologists in Delhi, India. Not just in India, Dr. Lalit Kasana is a well-known personality outside India also. There is no doubt that Dr. Lalit owns the title of Best skin specialist in Delhi.

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Education of Dr. Lalit Kasana

Dr. Lalit Kasana holds degrees in B.H.M.S from HMC Abohar in Punjab and MD (hom) (UP). He completed his first course in clinic cosmetology and aesthetic medicine from the Indian Institute of cosmetology Mumbai in 2011.  He graduated from IIC Mumbai with a certificate in clinical research under IGH-GCP training. Additionally, he holds a PG diploma in cosmetology from the institute of laser and aesthetic medicine at the University of Greifswald in Germany. 

About his achievements

Dr. Lalit Kasana has uplifted many awards in his journey. He is a well-recognized cosmetologist for his skills and excellence. He is a world record holder, his name is mentioned in the Golden Book of world Records for most mole removal in 1 minute, he removed 38 moles in 1 minute. He has been also awarded BHARAT GAURAV AWARD, MEDICAL EXCELLENCE AWARD, THE GLOBAL LIFESTYLE AWARD, THE BEST COSMETOLOGIST AND AESTHETICIAN IN NORTH INDIA, BEST COSMETOLOGIST AND AESTHETICIAN IN INDIA, healthcare icon of the year 2017. He was also part of a popular TV show on BELGIUM National TV channel the very first “control Pedro”. He also started his show named “ Dr. Kasana’s Beauty” on TV 24.

Cosmetologist in delhi

Services provided at Dr. Kasana’s clinic in Delhi

  • Best Mole and wart removal treatment
  • Carbon peeling (Q switch laser)
  • Birthmark removal treatment
  • Hydra facial
  • Treatment for fungal infection
  • Laser hair removal
  • Microdermabrasion 
  • PRP therapy for hair regrowth
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • R.C.T.
  • All types of laminates/ tooth extraction

Why Choose Dr. Kasana’s clinic for Skin Treatment?

Dr. Kasana’s clinic has been serving their patients with laser treatment for pigmentation, mole removal treatment within a few minutes, aesthetic medicines, face peels, acne treatment, vivace treatment, permanent hair removal, hair transplantation, dental treatment, etc.  Big stars such as Mahi Lakra, and Mehak Chahal have visited Dr. Kasana’s clinic and enjoyed their treatment well. Dr. Kasana’s clinic is the first Homeo-aesthetics clinic in India.

Here world’s no.1 Q Switch Laser is used for all laser treatments, each and every treatment is done by machines with advanced technology. Here they are serving the most promising treatment related to skin and hair care.

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