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Birthmark Removal tREATMENT

Birthmark Removal Using Laser

As per the name, a birthmark is a non-cancerous benign in our body since birth. It may disappear after growing up or remain the same, however, it can even get larger. Mainly, there are two types of birthmarks, one is vascular and one pigmented. Well, there are two main causes of birthmarks as per the type. If you have pigmented birthmarks then they may be caused due to the cluster formation of pigment cells. Vascular birthmarks are the result of abnormal blood vessels. However, the exact cause of the birthmark is yet to be found. And it’s not that easy to get rid of the birthmarks. You cannot remove it using any kind of cosmetic or product. 

Vascular birthmarks usually get darker with age. Whereas pigmented birthmarks fade away with age.  One of the most efficient and suggested ways to remove your birthmark is Q-switched lasers. The experts can easily remove your birthmark without causing any kind of side effects. Dr Kasana’s Clinic has the best skin experts who perform it safely and perfectly.

What is Birthmark Removal Treatment?

As mentioned above, birthmark removal is not that easy using simple and easy techniques. All you need is a good skin care expert and technology to treat it. At Dr Kasana’s Clinic birthmark is removed using QSwitch lasers. And it’s the most effective as well as the only way to treat birthmarks. Using this process, the experts remove vascular birthmarks easily and without causing any kind of side effects. In this treatment, blood vessels which cause marks and blemishes are destroyed using a pulsed dye laser. Birthmark Laser removal treatment can also help you in getting rid of the excess melanin pigment which reduces/removes the pigmented birthmarks.

Benefits of Birthmark Removal

This treatment has become one of the most popular treatments, which is safe and effective to get. Birthmark removal treatment consists of several benefits which help you and your skin! Some of them are:

  • You will get clean and clear skin.
  • No pigmentation.
  • No scars.
  • Healthy and mark-free skin.
  • No inflammation. 

Why Choose Dr Kasana's Clinic For Birthmark Removal Treatment?

Dr Kasana’s Clinic has been proven to be the Best cosmetologist clinic in Greater Noida, Delhi/NCR. You can get the best treatment at the best rates and it has been highly recommended by experts as well as professionals. When it comes to skincare, many celebs have been part of and taken the treatment. They use the products by Thedoctorskart and are amazed by the results. In the case of birthmark removal treatment, Dr Kasana’s Clinic has introduced QSwitch lasers, the perfect laser for skin treatments.

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